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Welcome to Its Trendi

Where fashion meets sustainability. We’re committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

Make Sustainability Trendi

What matters to us


Empowering consumers to make sustainable fashion choices.



Creating a sustainable fashion industry requires collective action and engagement from all of us.

Join our growing community of creators, influencers, and conscious individuals to be part of the movement to make sustainability trendi and accessible.


We value the importance of transparency and are proud to work with brands who share the same values.

When fashion brands are transparent about their sourcing, production, and labor practices, you can better understand the environmental and social impact of the clothes you wear.



Transparency is the very essence of what we stand for. We believe that having a clear understanding of the lifecycle of your clothes, from sourcing to production, is essential for making informed and conscious fashion choices. That's why we are selective in our partnerships, working exclusively with brands that share our commitment to transparency. We partner with those who prioritize environmental and social responsibility and have undergone verification to ensure their sustainability practices align with our values.


To minimize waste, we work with thrift stores that face surplus inventory. By proactively saving clothing from the fate of landfills, we give these garments a second chance at being loved and worn. Explore our Secondhand Collection, a selected curated range of stylish items. Together, we can reduce fashion waste and contribute towards a sustainable future.


We exclusively use sustainable and recyclable materials across all of our operations, from our thoughtfully designed packaging to our own branded products. By consciously choosing materials that have minimal impact on natural resources, we participate in the preservation of our environment.


[tren-dee] noun

Sustainable and stylish


[tren-dee] noun

Sustainable and stylish